15 February 2008

Tent City

It began in July with twenty residents, and has now grown to more than 200. Unfortunate victims of the current housing crisis, these homeless men, women, and children set up their tents in a once-flourishing suburb of Los Angeles, and wait, looking for work, and hoping for lower rentals. Most of these homeless have had their homes foreclosed on, and cannot afford the sky-high rents of neighboring apartments. It's a trend seen in California, and throughout the country, as the housing bust continues to spiral downwards.

Devvy Kidd is not convinced the Economic Stimulus Package will accomplish much of anything:
This $1.5 BILLION dollar shell game will stimulate nothing and let me tell you why.

One: There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. As I write this column, the people's purse is overdrawn $9,203,187,681,379.26. Every one of those "economic stimulus package" checks sent out to the American people will be a hot check written against an account that's over drawn $9.2 TRILLION DOLLARS.

(Photos: Reuters)