15 February 2008


Tom Piatek chronicles the little spat between NRO's David Frum and Ramesh Ponnuru over at The Corner. Ponnuru criticizes Frum's latest book Comeback for its inaccuracies, as well as for his "insufferable" attitude as a self-proclaimed "bold truth-teller who is being pounced on by ideological enforcers on the right." Frum hits back and attacks "Ramesh's distinctive Grand Panjandrum manner" and his "weird combination of vitriol and grandiosity."

I haven't read Frum's book, which apparently criticizes all that is wrong with modern conservatism (without including his own ideas as contributing to the problem: he is pro-choice and continues to support a war against a country that intelligence officials revealed has never had credible links to al-Qaeda).

In any case, boys, let's calm down and make friends...