15 February 2008

Huckabee: Pro-Life, but Big Government

Huckabee Slams Ron Paul on Abortion
On January 22--the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision--Ron Paul was the only presidential candidate who spoke at the March for Life in Washington DC. Huckabee did speak at a Right to Life rally in Atlanta, but said: "The logic that each of the states can come up with their own definition of how to respect human life is the logic of the Civil War." This is a slap at Ron Paul, who, although he strongly opposes abortion, believes that it should not be the concern of the federal government. Huckabee, like every other current and former presidential candidates (except Ron Paul), thinks that the solution to everything is a federal government solution. Could he explain the concept of federalism without consulting a dictionary? More proof: When asked last year if he would sign a bill to outlaw smoking in public places, Huckabee replied: "I would, certainly would." A Huckabee administration would be a big brother, nanny state--a religious big brother, nanny state.

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