18 October 2008

Strange Signs

From the Telegraph's collection of odd, real-life photos:

San Diego

Mingora, Pakistan

St. Kitts

Wausau, Wisconsin


Pune Zoo, India

Lost in translation in Beijing

"Recoverable Offal", China

Noosa Heads, Australia

Don't order #21 (South Korea)

I especially like the French version: If you have ideas of blocking this barrier--leave them!!! Our elephants will flatten your miserable rental car like the crêpes we serve!! Thanks!!
And what exactly is the language at the bottom? (Tasmania, Australia)

Wet, lather, rinse, die. (Fiji)

Fancy some crad, anyone? (Shanghai, China)

Just in case the concept of cause and effect escapes some... (Las Vegas)

Another litigation-wary hotel manager


San Diego

"I'll have a small tasteless coffee, please."

Stoplight from hell... (Ft. Walton Beach, Florida)

Kinderdijk, Holland