17 June 2009


Oksana Grigorieva, the Russian singer bearing Mel Gibson's love child, has released a new single, with lyrics penned by Gibson himself, and the popular verdict so far is not good. One phrase is making the rounds: "Shows love is blind... and deaf, too."

In my opinion, the song starts out with promise, only to descend into an overly breathy piece with strained, near-hysterical, high-pitched vocals that have the effect of tensing the nerves. That's bad enough, but when one considers the fact that the sung lyrics are about Gibson's so-called love for his new lady friend, it's enough to trigger nausea. Who wants to hear a traditional-Catholic-gone-wild gushing about his new girlfriend, while his wife of 29 years and mother of his 7 children is in the background quietly nursing her wounds?

Gibson's crush is hardly convincing in any case; as a Catholic, he should know that true love is concerned above all with the welfare of the soul. Instead, by his actions he is blithely dragging her soul along with his into Gehenna.

Ah, l'amour!