16 June 2009

"I have never experienced in my life, such tragedy, nor such grace."

"My daughter walked into that abortion facility healthy and she left dead," says the mother of Laura Hope Smith. Smith died in 2007 on an abortion clinic table in Hyannis, Masachusetts, at the hands of Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, who has since been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter. Smith's mother met with the abortionist in a private setting.
I met with the doctor who aborted my grandchild, and who saw my daughter take her last breath. He would only meet me in a public place, without my husband. We talked for an hour and a half. Based on that meeting I believe I know what happened to Laura. He denies doing anything that caused her death. When we were done talking about Laura, I prayed, and asked God if there was anything He would have me say to the doctor. This is what I said next.... "The blood of my daughter is on your hands; the blood of my grandchild is on your hands; the blood of every life you have ever taken is on your hands," and I went on from there. He was silent with his head hung low. When I was ready to leave, I asked him if he would think about my daughter, and consider not doing any more abortions. He said he would think about it. When I left there I was praying, and said to God, "Can You stop this man from doing abortions? Is this what You have in mind, that he might even stop doing them?" I was thinking too small. I thought if one girl changed her mind, I could find some comfort. I then realized that the Lord had much bigger plans. I have never experienced in my life, such tragedy, nor such grace.
Of course, the media has largely ignored Smith's death, its double standard only highlighted by the flood of press regarding abortionist George Tiller's murder. Kill an abortionist--it's news. Kill an abortion victim? It's nothing.