22 January 2009

Translation of excerpts from message below from King Louis XX

The years pass and do not resemble each other. Some are more joyful than others. The world changes but certain fidelities remain, such as the one that reunites us for the 216th anniversity of the death of King Louis XVI.

In the epoch of crisis in which we live, when many of the false beliefs of yesterday are being reconsidered, what a beautiful sign that we still know how to recognize the basic values. In effect, beyond the deeply attractive personality of Louis XVI, our first duty is a duty of memory and fidelity to the values and principles embodied by French royalty....

Louis XVI by his sacrifice, but also by his life, which he tried to consecrate totally to the welfare of his people, remains for us all an example. The reading of his testament to the spiritual and political life must always serve as a meditation for us.

Recall his last words, an invitation to benevolence and kindness. Beyond the sadness and the solitude that were the companions of his last days, he strenuously invited us, as his son to whom he addressed himself, to "forget all hatred and all resentment." We must meditate on these words imbued with human respect and tolerance. In the world in which we live, so harsh and often so full of pessimism, this message enlightens and strengthens us.

We should be exhorted to keep these landmarks that our ancestors have left us, landmarks that become so important at the moment when the world seems to lack them. Is it not our fortune to possess a 1,500-year-old tradition on which our country was built?
In the start of this year, Princess Marie Marguerite, our daughter the Princess Eugenie, and I myself assure you all of our wishes for our country, for your families and for all French people tested in great numbers by the unstable times we are going through.

May all the saints of France, may St. Louis, continue to protect France in order that She remain a great and poweful nation enlightened by the wisdom and patience of the Capetians.

Louis of Bourbon
Duke of Anjou
January 18, 2009