06 November 2008

It's Starting

John Zmirak made some rather gloomy predictions in case of an Obama win, foretelling the increased persecution of Christians if he makes good on his promise to sign FOCA into law--legislation that would raise abortion to a fundamental right and, if enforced, essentially shut down Christian hospitals and doctors who refuse to perform or refer abortions.
History tells us that steps such as this aren’t where religious persecutions end. It’s where they begin. Things are already scary enough in neighboring Canada, where Christians are now routinely hauled up before human rights tribunals for repeating what the Bible teaches concerning sex. Who knows what some Obama-appointed judge, 20 years from now, will make of a pastor whose sermons attacked the “fundamental right” of women to kill their children? How many churches and seminaries will face crippling civil judgments and have to close?

It can happen here. It is about to happen here.
Stark stuff, that--so stark some may think it unrealistic, the expression of an overactive imagination, or of a fearmonger.

But I don't think it's that far off-base. Pro-choicers have been emboldened by the Obama win, and the pro-life movement is already feeling its effects: Operation Rescue received a death threat before the final votes were even tallied.
The threat indicated that any act of “anti-abortion terror” would be “ANSWERED IN KIND BY PRO-CHOICE COUNTERTERRORISTS, who will mount violent attacks against right-to-lifers.” [Emphasis theirs.] The threat was issued by someone identifying himself as “SoMG” with the IP address of
Time to brace ourselves...