14 November 2008

Fr. Celest Van Exem

Longtime spiritual director to Mother Teresa, one can safely say she owed the last five years of her life to him (though, after 50-odd years of spiritual desolation, I'm not sure she was absolutely thrilled about carrying on down here below). As she lay gravely ill in a hospital bed in 1993, she received this note:
Dear Mother,
Tomorrow morning I shall say Holy Mass

1. that you may have no operation
2. that you may be in China by the 7th October 93
3. that the Lord may take me and not you if that is His Will.

His will, not mine.

I am with you and the Sisters, all of them.

There is a calvary for every Christian. For you the way to Calvary is long, but Mary has met you on the road. You did not go up the hill, this is for later.

I adore the Blessed Sacrament which, I am sure, you have in your room.

Pray for me and all my companions, especially the companions of Jesus with whom I am.

Yours sincerely in O.L.
C. Van Exem, S.J.
The good father passed away four days later.