12 November 2008

Bon Anniversaire à la Duchesse d'Anjou!

A l'occasion du quatre-vingt-quinzième anniversaire de la duchesse d'Anjou et de Ségovie, le 8 novembre, elle a été reçue en audience privée par S.S. le pape Benoît XVI, avec son petit-fils le duc d'Anjou et sa famille. Après l'audience papale, elle a assisté à une soirée en son honneur au Palazzo Massimo de Pirro.

On the occasion of the 95th birthday of the Duchess of Anjou and of Segovia, November 8, she was received in a private audience by Pope Benedict XVI, with her grandson the Duke of Anjou and his family. After the papal audience, she attended an evening reception held in her honor at the Palazzo Massimo de Pirro.

The arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Anjou with Princess Eugenie. M. Chiaradia-Bousquet corrects the placement of the the badge of the Saint Esprit. If Prince Louis-Alphonse de Bourbon is ever crowned Louis XX of France, his wife will wear all white, including a white mantilla, to papal audiences.

At the evening reception. From left to right: His Eminence the Most Reverend Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran, HRH the Duchess of Segovia and Anjou, HRH the Duke of Anjou (wearing the neck badge of a grand cross of Honour and Devotion of the SMOM and the Ribbon, Badge and Star of the Order of the Saint Esprit) and Mgr Dominique Mamberti, Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs.

The Duke and Duchess of Anjou (a.k.a. Louis XX of France and Princess Marie-Marguerite de Bourbon) at the soirée.

2nd left HE Fra Filippo Ferretti di Castel Ferretti, Grand Prior of Rome of the Order of Malta, HEM Cardinal Tauran, M. Jean-Pierre Chiaradia-Bousquet and HRH the Duke of Anjou.

Most Rev Nicholas Thevenin (Sec of Cardinal Bertone), the Ambassador of Belgium to the Holy See and SMOM, Cardinal Tauran, the Duchess of Segovia and Anjou, the Duchess of Anjou, the Duke of Anjou, Mgr Mamberti, the Ambassador of Portugal to the Holy See.

Note: Cardinal Tauran, Mgr Mamberti, and Mgr Thevenin are all French and would probably consider themselves Legitimists.

(via Guy Stair Sainty)