11 October 2008

The Manolo Likes. So Do I.

Leave the crocs in the garage; better yet, throw them out, for comfort need not come at the price of style--and, in case no one has yet told you, I, in the spirit of sororal charity, shall: crocs are ugly, ugly, ugly. (I am seven months pregnant, comfort is everything, and I still refuse to wear the things, much less pay $40 for a pair; mind you, I also refuse to wear tennis shoes or sneakers, unless I am actually playing tennis or indulging in some other sport.) Don, rather, a pair of these lovely suede ballet flats for an afternoon out in the city. If you're like the French, you may couple them with a pair of jeans, but I think a nude calf-length skirt (preferably ironed) would do much more nicely...

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