04 June 2008

The Priest Game

Want to get your children interested in a vocation while having fun? The Priest Game, the first board game put out by Catholic Kids’ Games, is a hit among youngsters (even as early as 2 years of age). One family describes their experience:
There are many things I love about this game… First, it’s a great teaching tool on our priests and the Mass. Every thing that is used in the Mass or by our priests is on one of the cards with beautiful pictures and the proper names and simple descriptions that even Therese can understand. I have certainly learned quite a few things. Even my beloved husband who is an installed acolyte has learned a thing or two from this game. The prayers, especially those for our priests are lovely and a great encouragement to pray for them…. In addition, the game comes with a 3 part DVD on the Mass Explained that Fr. Tim did for his television show, “Inspired by This Confidence.” One of my favorite parts of this DVD is when he explains the prayers the priests prays as he is vesting himself for Mass. It gave me an even more profound love and respect for the priesthood.
You can order it for $25 here.

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