28 May 2008

Kansas Governor Corruption Scandal

Several weeks ago, Archbishop Naumann bravely issued a public letter asking Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a pro-abortion Catholic, to refrain from receiving Holy Communion until she had publicly renounced her position on abortion. God bless him. This came after two private requests had gone ignored. It hardly seems the Governor will change her position anytime soon, though; not only is she pro-choice, many think she is in the pocket of the abortion industry. As Robert Novak has written:
Sebelius's connection with abortion is more intimate. She is allied with the aggressive Kansas branch of Planned Parenthood in a bitter struggle with antiabortion activist District Attorney Phill Kline. There is substantial evidence she has been involved in what pro-life advocates term "laundering" abortion industry money for distribution to Kansas Democrats.
Kansas is the home of the infamous late-term abortion mill operated by Dr. George Tiller, who has performed abortions on fetuses of up to 39 weeks’ gestation. It is well-known that Tiller’s contributions to the Governor’s campaign (as well as to pro-choice Democrats in the Kansas Legislature) have been significant. For several years now, he’s been embroiled in a criminal investigation involving charges of having performed illegal abortions. And the Governor, whose position should be one of impartiality, was recently discovered to have held a private party at her mansion expressly in Dr. Tiller’s honor (steak and lobster were on the menu). What’s more, she refuses—in violation of the Kansas Open Records Act—to disclose the cost and source of funding for this event. Little surprise; if it turns out she held a secret soirée in honor of the most controversial abortionist in the nation at her home, all at taxpayers’ expense, citizens would be none too pleased, and her bias in favor of the abortion lobby would be confirmed.

In any case, these photos prove the event took place. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Update: Governor Sebelius's office released receipts of the April 2007 event that shows it was indeed paid for by taxpayers. The Governor is now doing damage control: her office (rather ridiculously) asserts the event was a charity auction prize and that Sebelius had no control over who her guests would be that night. This is expressly contradicted by the source who took the photos at the party, saying the guests were by special invitation only. In any case, a month later, Sebelius celebrated her birthday with a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

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