10 April 2008

Mystic Monk Coffee

Love coffee, but don’t want to support the agenda of Starbucks? An alternative is Mystic Monk Coffee, produced by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, who live a life of solitude and prayer in the Rocky Mountains.
To think that catholic money spent every day on coffee could go to a catholic cause through a catholic coffee. The monks have 40 young men discerning a vocation. Why can't catholic coffee money go to support catholic vocations?
The monks regularly celebrate Mass in the Carmelite Rite, or the “Rite of the Holy Sepulchre”, which Elena Maria Vidal at Tea at Trianon describes:
The Carmelites were founded in the Holy Land and so their rite contained some elements of the eastern liturgies. It also had a great deal of emphasis on the Resurrection of Christ and on the Blessed Virgin.
Flavors include Chocolate Raspberry, Royal Rum Pecan, Cowboy Blend, Dark Roast Colombian, and, of course, Carmel. Ordering information can be found here.

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