21 February 2008

Cuba and Free Trade

An end to communism in Cuba will come about most quickly through infiltration of western ideas, and that is best accomplished through free trade. This is why I'm disappointed the Bush administration immediately ruled out the possibility of lifting the embargo against Cuba. The 50-year embargo has not achieved its end; rather, it has worked to solidify Castro's power and keep his thugs in control, while it is the Cuban people who ultimately suffer. Lifting the embargo would not only improve economic conditions for the impoverished country, it would allow for gradual westernization of Cuba through exposure to American goods and, concomitantly, American ideas. The influx of American tourists would also expose Cubans to our way of life, and improve rapport between nations. The dollar also happens to be very strong in Cuba; the increased exchange of goods and currency will make the Cuban people more independent, which means, most significantly, less dependent on the corrupt government.

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