19 February 2008

More Disastrous Foreign Policy

Spain, Greece, Romania, and Cyprus refuse to recognize Kosovo's independence.

The United States not only helped to draft the declaration, it was among the first to recognize Kosovo's independence. Some are baffled; Kosovo is 90% Muslim, run by drug lords, human traffickers, and KLA terrorists, and is a breeding ground for Al Qaeda. International law has always held that national borders cannot be changed apart from agreement by all parties; this unilateral move by Kosovo over the strenuous objection of Serbia and Russia, supported by the largest Western European nations, is technically illegal, and props up the Muslim separatist movements agitating in other countries like Russia, China, and Spain.

Russell Gordon, an American journalist who has lived in Kosovo, observes:
Kosovo today is the nerve center of organized crime in Europe. The Kosovo Albanian mafia – whose capos are the ethnic Albanian leaders of Kosovo (Hashim Thaci, Agim Ceku, Ramush Haradinaj, and hundreds of others), and America’s allies – control most of the heroin, arms, and white slavery rings in Europe. Most of the luxury autos in Kosovo are stolen in central Europe, and given false papers; there are so many that prices are as low as 4000 Euros. Kosovo is the safe-haven for their laundered funds, often invested back into construction projects on real estate stolen from Serbs. Kosovo Albanians have committed armed robberies in France with automatic weapons and RPG’s, and have overtaken the Sicilian Mafia in Italy, largely due to their ruthlessness, and closed society. Their criminal rackets stretch into London and throughout the US.
In minority enclaves (Serbs, Gypsies, Gorani, Egyptians, Croats, Turks, Ashkali and others) populations live in a state of constant fear from Albanian intimidation or attack, which occur almost daily. Not one Jew remains. Serbs are wantonly and routinely murdered with no legal recourse, as the “justice” system is entirely in the hands of ethnic Albanians, placed there by Hashim Thaci and UNMIK officials. While 9% of the Kosovo Police Corps are ethnic Serbs, they are mere stage-props, as the real power is in the hands of its Albanian core that temporarily maintains a façade of minority tolerance to appease their backers in the “international community.”

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