05 December 2011

Wanted: Masculine, Holy Priests

Fr. Michael Rodriguez, the beleaguered priest who was transferred to another parish for speaking boldly against the homosexual lifestyle, has written an article asking for prayers for the as yet unnamed new bishop of El Paso. The former bishop--responsible for taking Fr. Rodriguez from his parish, where he regularly celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass--was recently and suddenly transferred to the diocese of Fresno, CA.
The Diocese of El Paso needs a new bishop and spiritual father who will begin to take the necessary steps to correct the moral and spiritual disorder of rampant homosexuality within our presbyterate. The abomination of actively homosexual priests is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance and is crippling our diocese. El Paso needs a new shepherd who will demand of us priests what Christ demands: obedience, celibacy, a profound life of prayer, simplicity of life, a spirit of continual conversion, pastoral charity marked by kenosis (death to self), sacrifice, service, and true holiness in our public and private conduct. God willing, our new bishop will insist that we priests give priority to the spiritual dimension of our priestly life and ministry: offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily, administering the sacrament of Confession, guiding the parish’s life of prayer, and instructing the faithful according to the full and authentic doctrine of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Good, pious, holy, and masculine priests are a priceless gift to Mother Church and the surest guarantee of success in fostering future vocations to the priesthood.
As ever, Fr. Rodriguez speaks with clarity and boldness.