27 November 2011

Gifts So Manly They'll Put Hair on His Chest

Taylor Marshall offers a nice list.

A few other ideas for your manly man:

Engraved tankard (pewter or glass), to be kept nice and frosty in the ice box until ready to be filled with a foamy stout or pale ale, according to your man's pleasure.

Fleur-de-lys flask, to be filled with your fellow's favorite single malt or London dry; can fit snugly in his pocket and carried about on his person; may be discreetly imbibed during one of the company's interminably long sensitivity training seminars.

Papal cuff links; now he can literally wear his faith on his sleeve.

If your man smokes (and even if he doesn't): Cigarette lighter with hidden camera, microphone, and USB port--how cool is this?

Your manly man, of course, attends the Traditional Latin Mass (or wishes he could), so he will appreciate this classic, thick, leather-bound Fr. Lasance Roman Missal (monogram optional).

Stainless steel grill kit, for serving up the perfect ribeye or running the backyard intruder through...

Men's leather mule slippers, to be kept by his bedside and worn about the house, preferably with the following ensemble:

Cotton sateen striped pajamas (think William Powell first thing in the morning)...

...although he might appreciate this nightwear a little more (ahem--married men only, please)...

One doesn't need loads of cash to make a well-stocked bar; use a side table and nice tray, and load it up with your fellow's favorite drinks. When he gets home from a hard day's work, greet him with a kiss and a gin & tonic, or a Jameson's on the rocks.

The Spiritual Combat Rosary--not only does it look cool, it's tough as nails. Based on the original pull chain rosary commissioned by the U.S. government and issued by the military to soldiers serving in WWI. As the website states, This rosary is meant to endure. Special locking jump rings add to this rosary’s toughness. This rosary’s endurance is meant to highlight the hopeful words of Psalm 136: “His love endures forever.” Get it here.

Nothing beats a gift with eternal rewards--and it doesn't get better than Holy Mass offered for your favorite guy. A novena of Masses is even better--and in the extraordinary form? Out of this world. And these good men at Clear Creek Abbey would be happy to offer Mass for your intentions on any day of the year.

And for the really manly man who literally wants hair on his chest:

The hair shirt. To be worn under the garments. A hair shirt similar to the one above is supposed to have been worn by Pope Celestine V, elected pope as an octegenarian, but who abdicated in favor of the eremitical life of the solitary.