04 October 2011

USCCB Re-releases Faithful Citizenship

As election time approaches, the USCCB makes its own contribution. Phil Lawler comments:
My eyes glazed over when I first tried to read the entire 44-page text of Faithful Citizenship, when it first appeared on the scene in the fall of 2007. In their instructions to voters, the bishops dutifully call for opposition to abortion. But they mix that admonition with so many other considerations that the overall effect is weak. Faithful Citizenship does not draw the necessary, clear distinction between the issues on which good Catholics might disagree (such as economic policy) and those that are non-negotiable (such as abortion)—not to mention the distinction between issues on which prudent compromise is wise (economics again) and those on which compromise is odious (abortion again).
Cardinal Raymond Burke believed "the lack of clear moral guidance" in Faithful Citizenship helped secure the Catholic vote in favor of Obama.

Now that Catholics who voted for him have seen exactly what sort of agenda the Obama administration pushes, will they vote for him again?