29 October 2011

Town Rejects Rosary as Offensive and the Prayers that Changed Everything

It all started simply. Mike Casey wanted to pray. As part of the nationwide “America Needs Fatima” movement, Mike wanted to hold a public rosary in the small Massachusetts town of Upton. It would be one of 7,515 Public Square Rosaries held across the United States on October 15th.
The Town Council denied his request, claiming fears that taxpayers might be "offended." Casey prayed at every turn--and help came in abundance.
“I didn’t want to push it out of pride,” he explained. “Sometimes people turn something true, honest, and good and into something rotten and bad because of their pride.”

His prayer for humility was interrupted by a phone call from a lawyer who told him that the town had just told him they changed their mind and that next year he could hold the rosary on public property.

Mike saw that phone call from the lawyer as Jesus’ answer to him. (I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the first time Jesus had acted through legal counsel.)
We attorneys are good for something after all... :)