29 October 2011

German Bishops Ignore Dioceses' Profits from Porn

The Catholic Church in Germany owns 100% of the publishing company Weltbild, which includes pornographic material among its publications.
The 2,500 erotic books in their online catalogue, including those from Blue Panther Books, an erotic book publisher owned by Weltbild, are only one example. Their titles include: “Anwaltshure” (Lawyer’s Whore), “Vögelbar” (F—kable) and “Schlampen-Internat” (Sluts’ Boarding School).
In 2008, [a Catholic] group sent a 70-page document to all the bishops whose dioceses have shared ownership of Weltbild for 30 years, detailing evidence of the sale of questionable material.
More than half of the bishops failed to acknowledge the report.