30 October 2008

When asked whether media coverage has been sexist, Governor Palin complained there was a double standard when she is asked how she would raise a family while serving in office. "I've never heard that asked of a male candidate," she retorted.

What a curious observation. Unless one is living under the delusion that the world should treat women exactly as it does men (could you even imagine such a world? In which women were expected to go to war, be the breadwinners, and, God forbid, take out the garbage?), one would never take offense at such a question. From what I understand, it is the female sex that gets impregnated, and it is the female sex that bears children, and--again, from my limited understanding--it is the female sex that nurses, rears, and instructs said children. I know that some disgruntled women feel God should have first consulted them before He created the natural order, and impatiently await an apology. In the meantime, they (creatures that usually go by the name "feminist") attempt to upset the natural order themselves by demanding such silly things as a female priesthood, female air force pilots, and, silliest of all, female rugby.

If the above complaint had come from the lips of, say, Hils, who is basically hopeless, then no one would bat an eyelash. But such an objection uttered by a supposedly traditional, conservative, self-styled "hockey mom" makes one wonder just how much those labels apply...