15 February 2008

Don't Listen to Me; Listen to Our Troops

Not only does Ron Paul have more contributions from the military than all the other candidates combined, his top contributors are the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force, respectively. McCain has none of them among his top contributors.

Top Contributors
US Army $68,817
US Navy $57,076
US Air Force $52,371
Google Inc $51,382
Microsoft Corp $46,079
US Postal Service $31,054
Lockheed Martin $26,754
Boeing Co $24,388
At&T Inc $22,398
IBM Corp $19,177
Verizon Communications $18,399
Hewlett-Packard $18,014
Apple Inc $17,314
Intel Corp $16,751
Northrop Grumman $16,067
General Electric $15,788
General Dynamics $15,584
Cisco Systems $14,702
US Dept of Defense $14,338
Wachovia Corp $14,231

Caricature him as you will, but our good men and women fighting overseas seem to think Ron Paul's foreign policy makes the most sense for our country.