05 February 2008

By the Numbers

Military donations by candidate:

McCain: $79,597; 413 donors
Romney: $29,250; 140 donors
Huckabee: $24,562; 94 donors
Obama: $81,037; 466 donors
Clinton: $49,523; 181 donors

Total: $263,969; 1294 donors

And Ron Paul's total: $286,764; 1349 donors

This blogger reacts:
What??! More than all remaining candidates combined?? In both categories??

Oddly enough, the supposedly anti-war liberal left members of the media have not bothered to mention this.

The most shocking aspect is that Clinton and Obama together have raised nearly 8 times what Paul has, an astounding $217 million! And yet with no celebrity endorsements like Oprah or former president Clinton, only 13% of their fundraising power, and not even a tenth of their press coverage, he manages to crush their combined military numbers by over double.

I guess his assessment of the war and foreign policy is making sense to the people that actually understand it. Go figure!