03 January 2008

Mary Mediatrix of All Graces

Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP, professor of Dogmatic and Moral Theology at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska, teaches the essential role of Mary to our salvation. (It is available via Sensus Traditionis; the files are not free, but "penanceware", which means you are asked to offer up some form of penance for Fr. Ripperger's intentions each time you download or link to his talks.) I found this bit interesting:

Because God has willed it, the Blessed Virgin is all the more necessary for men to attain their final end. St. Louis tells us, "Consequently, we should not place devotion to her on the same level as devotion to other saints, as if it were merely something optional. Since all the grace which you receive comes from Our Lady, your salvation therefore ultimately depends on Her, and therefore you shall not enter Heaven without a devotion to Her, either developed in this life, or in the next life in Purgatory, when your dependence on her as mediatrix of all grace will have become absolutely clear.