02 December 2007

The Medals of Malcontents

Croix de Juillet
Created in 1830 for those who distinguished themselves in the cause of liberty during Les Trois Glorieuse, 27, 28, 29 July (i.e., for those among the rioting mob who did the most damage to bring about the fall of the House of Bourbon).

M├ędaille de Juillet
Given to other citizens who distinguished themselves by acts of courage during the Three Glorious Days (i.e., for the rest of the mob envious at not having received the Croix de Juillet).

(Sidenote: In 1848, upon the abdication of King Louis-Philippe and the return of the Republic, some republicans created the unofficial and more aptly titled Croix de M├ęcontents, whose motto "Given by the Nation" replaced the July Medal's "Given by the King of France.")