01 November 2007

Please note the new additions to the blogroll

Le Blog de la Bergerie: a bilingual blog run by a Franco-American Catholic;

Chrétienté Info: articles on Catholic France from a traditionalist perspective, in full communion with Rome;

Classic Canadian: run by sartorially gifted Jeremy, a self-described "Catholic, an hatchling historian, and determined to be in continuity with all that was and is best about the Church, the Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the senior Dominion." (Not a Jacobite, as far as I know);

On an Overgrown Path: one Catholic's insightful and knowledgeable commentary on music, both secular and sacred, from all eras;

Roman Miscellany: blog run by an English Catholic priest (who recently offered the panegyric at the Pontifical High Requiem Mass for King Henry XI); and

Tea at Trianon: hosted by Elena Maria Vidal, author of Trianon and Madame Royale, a work of historical fiction covering the life and death of La Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette (books I hope to get my hands on soon).