31 October 2007

Abbaye Saint-Joseph de Clairval

The Abbey and surrounding village

About sixty kilometers north of Dijon city center sits the Benedictine Abbey of St. Joseph of Clairval in Flavigny. It is a traditional community celebrating Mass according to the 1962 rite. The monastery was founded in 1976, although the village had had a Benedictine Abbey since the 7th century, up until it was closed during the Revolution.

Sint Unum: Coat of Arms of the Founding Abbot

In 1700, the Marquis de Souhey built a chateau in Flavigny, with extensive grounds and a terraced garden. After his death, the home went to various owners, until 1829, when it was bought by Ursulines, who added various wings to the chateau. in 1906, France issued a decree of expulsion, driving out all religious orders. It afterwards became the seat of the minor diocesan seminary. It was during World War II that the last of the construction was completed. The current community moved in in 1976, and proceeded to renovate the grounds, including the conventual church, finished and solemnly blessed in 1979.

The community received canonical recognition as a Benedictine monastery of diocesan right in 1988. The monastery was raised to the rank of abbey in 1992 at the request of the Holy See. The current community numbers around fifty members.

Inner Courtyard

Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Parlor Courtyard

Inner Courtyard in Snow

Entry to the Sanctuary, with St. Joseph standing sentinel

The Sanctuary

The Altar

Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux!

Twelfth Station of the Via Dolorosa

Close-up of Stall

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

St. Joseph Oratory

Staircase to the Tribune

St. Angela Chapel

St. Augustine, in the St. Angela Chapel

The Virgin's Garden

Eighteenth Century Terraces and Vegetable Garden

St. Gabriel

The Hedge at Dawn

Hedge Cross in Winter