20 August 2007

Peter Cincotti

Another rising star (although his star has been rising for some years now). A fabulous voice, coupled with good fingerwork. He's not a household name yet (as Michael Bublé is), but is a refreshing addition to the roster of youthful singers reviving the big band/classic jazz genre.

Here he is performing one of my favorites, "Sway".

For a wonderful contrast, see and hear Bublé's spicier version here.

And the original: Dean Martin singing "Sway".

And since we're on the subject, a nostalgic nod at Bobby Darin performing "Mack the Knife" in 1959. A few years later, here he is singing the English version of one of my favorites, Beyond the Sea--but Charles Trenet is undoubtedly most wonderful when he performs La Mer.

So much good music in one post--what's one to do?