27 August 2011

Canadian priest Fr. Paul Nicholson (who each weekend offers mass in both the ordinary and extraordinary form) gives one of the clearest presentations on the differences between the two rites of mass. One little nugget during his discussion of ad orientem worship:
The priest should have the same right to be able to face the risen Lord, to face the Lord in His mystery. When he has to look out and see everyone going to the bathroom, it's not very nice. I didn't want to have to say that, but...seeing everyone walking back and forth, why? Sit down. It's only one hour. You don't need to go that often...
I laugh...and laugh...and laugh...

The CIA episode itself is groundbreaking, not because it reveals anything new to traditionalists who have always been aware of the machinations during the Consilium and its major players, but because it is the first time that anyone has presented them to a mass audience in an accessible way via the new media. The fact is, the great majority of modern Catholics are simply unaware of any of the facts presented, and they ought to be!

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