17 September 2010

If you feel so inclined, please join in a novena to Bd. Elizabeth of the Trinity on behalf of Philip Johnson, former Navy officer and seminarian, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Oh God, Who loves souls so much as to make them Your dwelling-place, we thank You for having enriched during her life on earth Your humble servant Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity by granting her a deep insight into this ineffable reality. If it should enter into Your adorable designs to glorify with the honors of Holy Church her who longed to be even on earth a 'Praise of Glory', grant we beg You to show by external signs the favor she enjoys with You, that she may extend the Kingdom of Your Love in souls.

Through the intercession of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity we ask for a miraculous healing for Philip Johnson.

Glory be to the Father... (three times).