30 May 2010

Rare Words in a Church Bulletin

Holy Rosary Church of Indianapolis divides its time between offering the Novus Ordo Mass and Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the latter presided over by resident FSSP priest Fr. Michael Magiera (who also happens to be a professional opera singer). Although the Vicar General often pens the letter in the weekly church bulletin, Fr. Magiera had a chance to answer a few questions in a recent missive. It's not often one sees the following in any church bulletin in any diocese in America. Asked why he received Holy Communion on the tongue, he answered:
When I celebrate Mass and when I give out Holy Communion, I hold the Host, of course. The priest is “another Christ” and his hands, Christ’s hands, change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. For that reason, I believe only the priest, with the Hands of Christ, should touch the Body of Christ. The hands that consecrate should be the only ones to touch. If I concelebrate with other priests(which I’ve done once and probably won’t do very often) I am required to take the Host from the ciborium myself. But when I just go to Mass, I always receive the Sacred Host on the tongue, while kneeling. I believe this shows the greatest respect and reverence possible to Our Lord. Remember, no one is worthy to receive Holy Communion. But Our Lord wants us to. Thus we must always show Him the greatest reverence possible in an attitude and posture (you probably won’t understand this now, but you will later) of total receptivity, humility and even vulnerability — to be totally dependent on Christ in the Holy Eucharist. What could be more receptive, humble or trusting or vulnerable (helpless and defenseless) than the act of kneeling? What could be more reverent than not even daring to touch the Sacred Host with your hands? That’s why I receive Our Lord only on my tongue, while kneeling.
I've no doubt some extraordinary ministers' feathers were ruffled...