20 August 2008


As the astute reader has by now guessed, Christine has returned from the land of wine and cheese back to the cornfields of the deep Midwest. The medieval cobblestone alleyways have been replaced by under-construction asphalt roads, the Saabs and Citroëns by massive Chevy pick-up trucks, and the tartelettes aux pommes by jelly-filled doughnuts. I'll make no comment on the fashion. Needless to say, it's been quite a switch. St. Bénigne Cathedral, that twelfth-century wonder of Catholic architecture, with its professional children's choir, Latin chant, and daily confession, was too good to last; I've returned to more humble surroundings, the sort of church building you might expect in a tiny midwestern town, with the sort of music you might expect (no guitars or drums, mercifully). But the people are kind and good, the cost of living is low, and we are near family, so all of this makes up for anything else.

Updates will be forthcoming, but be patient, dear reader; things have gotten awfully busy around here, and promise to remain so for some time.

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