15 March 2008

Yes: Ron Paul Is Still Running

His son sets the record straight:
Reports that Ron Paul has quit the Presidential Race remind me of Mark Twain's famous "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The Ron Paul Presidential campaign continues, albeit at a different pace.

What does that mean?

Ron Paul will continue to contest the remaining primaries. Ron Paul's name will be on all the remaining state ballots. Ron Paul volunteers are encouraged to become precinct captains, delegates to state and national conventions, and to try pass Constitutional proposals to each state's Republican platform.
The press is reporting that Ron Paul has quit the race. This is not true. Ron Paul's video simply acknowledges that the campaign will continue but will also transform into additional activities such as education and supporting other candidates. In Kentucky we just held precinct conventions and Ron Paul Republicans won hundreds of precinct captains. In Kyle, Texas, Craig Young upset the establishment choice for Republican County Chairman.
The point is not so much to win as it is to make a statement at the National Convention, on live TV, before an audience of millions, who will be exposed to ideas on sound money, rational foreign policy, and personal liberty. The exposure he has received thus far has already made him a member of Congress many think worth listening to; his exchange with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, instead of customarily being ignored, was broadcast on national television, and he afterwards received calls from Wall Street agreeing with his position and encouraging him to continue his demand for sound money. His campaign has also raised the hopes of other political candidates with similar beliefs who now hope to fill positions in public life running on a similar platform. Though Ron Paul may not win, he is being heard--and all for the good.

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