27 February 2008

Hookers for Jesus

From Annie's testimony:
I can't tell you how many nights I slept "alone" with a man in my bed. No one knew my secrets, my pain, and my inner shame. So in the end I hated being a prostitute and exotic dancer--and no matter what people will tell you about that lifestyle, it really does rip you apart until you have absolutely NOTHING left--and, you will lose your soul in the process!
My passion is to help PROSTITUTES, PIMPS, and STRIPPERS... ANYONE IN THE SEX TRADE to see that there is a REAL life waiting for them to finally live outside of the sex industry.
On a related note, this website has testimonies of ex-porn stars and why they left the industry:

Jenna Jameson

Traci Lords

Linda Lovelace

And from commentary on the French porn industry:
There are very heart breaking and horrible things about the pornographic world. But, most of those things happened to actresses and actors long before they arrived in the pornography world. The pornography industry is just a place where a lot of victims relive their abuse, where they can continue to destroy themselves like their abusers destroyed them. That's what is the most disturbing to me. The incest, rapes, child abuse and neglect that become the springboard for a lot of participants to enter the industry. People in the industry will tell you this isn't true, but I learned everything to the contrary. This excuse makes it easier to go to work, that's all.

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