29 December 2012

Similarities Between St. Thomas à Becket & St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More was named after his patron saint, St. Thomas à Becket. Both men were born in the same district in London--Cheapside--and both men undertook formal studies in law, where they distinguished themselves by their intelligence and astuteness. Both men rose to prominence in government by being named Chancellor of England, and each one was promoted by a King Henry--Becket under King Henry II, and More under King Henry VIII.

Both Becket and More were close and trusted friends to their respective kings--until the king claimed to exercise authority over the Church that exceeded his limits. King Henry II demanded that Becket take the oath to the Constitutions of Clarendon, which would restrict papal authority in England. King Henry VIII demanded that Thomas More take the oath to the Act of Supremacy, which also would have severely restricted papal authority in England. Both men refused. And for their refusal, they were persecuted, and ultimately executed by the King's men.

St. Thomas à Becket, pray for us.