16 November 2011

NJ Nurses Speak Out

Some of the nurses in New Jersey who have faced pressure to do abortions at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey spoke out yesterday at a press conference. They appeared with pro-life attorneys from Alliance Defense Fund and Congressman Chris Smith.
[One nurse testified:] The hospital has made statements to the media, saying that they don’t compel anyone to violate their religious beliefs, but this is false. I myself and all 12 of us have been told we must assist abortion cases even though we object. Several of us have been forced to assist already despite objecting. We and our attorneys have repeatedly asked the hospital not to force us to provide services on abortion cases, and the hospital has repeatedly said it will not back down and that we are required to assist.
The hospital is being obstinate in the face of clear state and federal law forbidding this practice. Readers can let the hospital know their minds at this e-mail address: uhcontact@umdnj.edu