11 October 2011

Diocese of Madison Realizes Something

It's about six years late, but better late than never, I suppose.
[T]he widespread American practice of offering both species at most Sunday Masses began here under an indult (special permission) given by the Vatican in 1975, which expired in 2005.

Almost no one realized that until very recently. Maybe we can be forgiven for forgetting that we were operating under a temporary indult. After thirty years, something can seem pretty permanent. But it wasn’t. The bishops of our country did apply for an extension of the 1975 indult, but that was denied.

So, all over the United States, we now find ourselves needing to bring our practice into conformity with current regulations (and with the rest of the world.
Ok. Two dioceses so far (Phoenix, AZ and Madison, WI) are in line. And the other 192?