22 October 2011

Abortion Industry Corruption in Kansas: Sebelius Protected, and a Good Man's Name Smeared

HHS Secretary and pro-abort Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, when governor of Kansas, was so deep in the pocket of the abortion industry she went out of her way to protect Planned Parenthood from criminal charges for doctoring medical records.
[Pro-life attorney general Phil] Kline pursued the state reports as part of his intended prosecution of Kansas late-term abortion corruption. Sebelius tried hard to stop him, even trying to use a restraining order from Judge Thomas Marten in the Aid for Women case. Judge Anderson ignored those efforts, and found probable cause of criminality, allowing Kline to subpoena the state reports in 2004.

This left state reports “reachable” by Kline—reports that show abortion clinics did not have defendable reasons for post-viability abortions. So they destroyed the reports.
Planned Parenthood admits to having destroyed the reports; they will not say when they occurred or which employee was responsible, however. Based on this, PP faces 107 charges in a court hearing scheduled in just a few days.
The case has been sitting for years as political officials in Kansas were seen to deflect attention on the case away from the problems at Planned Parenthood and towards false accusations that Phill Kline abused his position.
Phill Kline is a modern-day David fighting the Goliath of Planned Parenthood; he has endured years of persecution, slander, and threats against his family as he courageously and doggedly fought to expose the corruption in the abortion industry. He's been cleared of all wrongdoing, but it's still worth offering up prayers for him and for the work that he began, and which is only now beginning to come to fruition.