14 September 2011

It's difficult enough to live out one's vocation when one is attacked by the world--how much harder when a priest is attacked by those within the Church Herself?

Surely this public back-and-forth between a priest and his bishop is disconcerting and perhaps disheartening to some Catholics--but it will at least open the eyes of the more naïve among us to the politics and ego-playing that go on in too many dioceses today, starting, most unfortunately, from the bishop's own chair. Priests for Life is leading the charge in one of the most crucial battles of our time, and Bishop Zurek's public accusations can have only one effect: to hurt the cause of the unborn.

Catholics for Choice is already running the story, no doubt with some satisfaction, and citing only the Bishop's accusations of financial mismanagement--no reference at all to Fr. Pavone's very thorough and detailed response. Wait for the rest of the pro-choice media to catch on.

And the Catholic peanut gallery is weighing in with the usual musings, comparing him to Fr. Euteneuer or Corapi (I expect a reference to Fr. Maciel soon), and falsely accusing Fr. Pavone of disobedience. One fellow writes, "If thirty pieces Pavone is for real, he will submit himself to his spiritual authority, and allow the Lord Jesus to vendicate [sic] him. If Pavone resists in anyway, It will prove the bishop right."

What naïveté and ignorance. These people assume that anyone who wears a mitre is unquestionably correct, and any priest who exercises his canonical rights against what he deems an unjust suspension must be ranging himself on the side of the devil. To these, I say: wake up.