11 September 2011

The Holy Name of Mary

The Feast of the Holy Name of Mary was suppressed after the liturgical revisions following Vatican II, but restored as an optional memorial to September 12th in the revised Missal.
After the most holy and adorable Name of Jesus, there is no name more glorious or more powerful than the name of Mary. At the mention of this name, the Angels rejoice and the devils tremble; through this invocation of this name, sinners obtain grace and pardon. --St. Peter Canisius

As wax melts before fire, so do the devils lose their power against those souls who remember the name of Mary and devoutly invoke it. --St. Bonaventure

Her Son esteems Her prayers so greatly, and is so desirous to satisfy Her, that when She prays it seems as if She rather commanded than prayed, and was rather a queen than a handmaid." --St. Peter Damian
An insightful little treatise on Mary is a 19th-century booklet titled Mary Crushes the Serpent (it can be ordered here). It's written by an unnamed German exorcist with 30 years of experience, who witnessed firsthand how the demons cower in terror at the name of Mary more than at any other name.

Fr. Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome, also recounts the same--and has observed that, although the demons will freely curse God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they are unable to curse the name of Mary.