05 April 2011

There Is a Special Rung in Hell

for the mother who lets her child dress like this.

It is said a woman once visited Padre Pio in the confessional, and before she opened her mouth, the saint shouted, "Criminal!" Shaken, she asked what he could mean. He told her he saw her three children in hell because of her laxity and negligence over their spiritual welfare.

On the occasions I can't attend the Traditional Latin Mass, I visit a nearby Novus Ordo parish, and always marvel at the way parents let their children dress. I won't get into the worn-out rant over shorts and flip flops, etc.--but you'd think "dress" was an unknown term among the female population. I mean, really, unless you're Christopher West, there's nothing like a nice, big ass in super-tight jeans to raise one's mind to the Holy Mysteries. It's especially nice when this is your attire at the lectern reading the epistle. In addition to distracting half the men, you can add Father to their number, sitting just behind you, who will now have to work extra hard to maintain custody of the eyes.

Poor men! They come to Mass to escape the sensuality and immodesty thrust on them from every direction, only to find more of the same.

Listen well, ladies:

One anonymous man's thoughts:
God has created His church to be a resting place for Christians, a place for people to encounter God without all the distractions. It is disappointing when I walk into the church and have to deal with the same temptations I face in the world.

But I rejoice whenever I see a girl or a woman wanting to serve the Lord by dressing modestly. You have no idea how sweet and challenging it is when I see a woman who has decided not to flaunt her body the way the culture shouts for her to do, but rather she has decided that serving the Lord and her brothers is more important. Glory to God for women like that!
Another man:
The temptation toward lust does not stop for us as men. It is continual, it is aggressive, it does all it can to lead men down to death. [Women] have a choice to help or to deter its goal.
My dear parents, my fellow women, I say this with all charity (and a dose of pique): catch a clue.