05 April 2011

Sluts Say Yes

Scantily clad women marched through Toronto yesterday on a "Slut Walk" in protest of one policeman's comment that women who dress like "sluts" invite rape. The refined group of gentlewomen shimmied about advertising their goods while crying, "Yes means yes and no means no!"
Sierra Chevy Harris, a student at the University of Guelph, said the officer’s remarks are “a small example of how a large amount of people in the justice system truly think.”
Number, Sierra, number--"amount" is used to describe an abstract noun, "number" to describe concrete nouns. A slut must know her grammar, after all.
There were a significant number of men among the marchers. Many demonstrators brandished signs with slogans like “Down with rape culture."
Conveniently positioned directly behind the sea of thongs and fishnet stockings, they also shouted, "We love our sluts! We love our sluts!"

Grrrl power!