15 January 2010

Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs

Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs (or Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) has maintained a presence in Haiti for over two decades, and is dedicated entirely to serving sick and poor children. Founded by Fr. William Wasson in 1954, NPH now operates in eight countries. It has established two hospitals, both of which have been badly damaged by the recent earthquake, and a school in Haiti. Fr. Rick Frechette, the well-known Passionist priest who helped establish the St. Damien Hospital of NPH in Haiti, who became a doctor in midlife because of his frustration at the lack of medical professionals in the poverty-stricken country, has issued a statement on the disaster:
We...had 18 funerals today. One for John who works at our St. Luke program. We miss John very much. He often stopped at my door to tell me the milestone of his developing baby, which delighted him no end.... Another was for Johanne's mother.... All the others were of unknown people who were sadly rotting by the wayside.

Other sadnesses... the death of Immacula, or only physician assistant, who worked at our huge outpatient side of our hospital. The death of ALL but one of Joseph Ferdinand's brothers and sisters, the death of the husband of Jacqueline Gautier as he was visiting a school which fell and all the students (all died), the death of our ex-pequeño Wilfrid Altisme who was in his 5th year of seminary for priesthood. Other stories of deaths of people who are dear to us keep coming in.
You can donate to NPH's efforts here.