17 February 2009

Gerald Warner on Hugo Chavez's latest political coup:
All hail, President-for-Life Chavez. Hugo Chavez, the calorifically challenged Venezuelan Marxist bully boy, has won a referendum amending the constitution to allow him to stand repeatedly for re-election as president, rather than being restricted to two terms in office as was previously required. President Chav lost a similar referendum 14 months ago but, on the model of the European Union, he compelled the electorate to vote again until it came up with the right answer.

Warm congratulations were immediately sent to President Chav by Fidel Castro's life-support machine - the twinkling-eyed Cuban mass-murderer has long been Hugo's idol and mentor. Elected dictatorship does not come cheap. Chavez spent a mind-boggling $12 billion on his referendum campaign which, with his control of most of the media, gave him a considerable advantage. The President has announced his modest ambition to rule until 2049, by which time he hopes to have developed a fully Marxist economy.
No doubt frequenters of the Daily Kos are rejoicing.

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