28 September 2008

Le Petit Trianon Inaugural Opening with Prince Louis-Alphonse

Salon de Compagnie de Marie-Antoinette

Le Prince Louis-Alphonse de Bourbon (Louis XX de France et Luis II d'Espagne) et sa femme la Princesse Marie-Marguerite assisteront à l'inauguration le 2 octobre du Petit Trianon, le petit chateau, récemment restauré, de la reine Marie-Antoinette. (Il semble que la presse espagnole seule parle des ducs d'Anjou.)

23 September 2008

Louis XX During the Pope's Visit

Prince Louis Alphonse de Bourbon (Louis XX) and his wife Princess Marie Marguerite attended Mass at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris on September 21st, where the Holy Father presided. They had also been invited by President Sarkozy to attend his address to the Pope on his arrival. (The Orléanist pretender to the throne, Henri, Comte de Paris, was (significantly) not invited; Sarkozy is not reverenced by traditional French Catholics, but, in his favor, he is no enemy to religion in the public square, nor to monarchy.)

Prince and princess arrive to the Hôtel des Invalides dressed in conservative black and navy (and yes, the Princess's dress could use a few inches' lengthening...)

Inside the chapel during Mass

The couple visits residents of the hospital

Posing in the courtyard

(Photos courtesy of picapp)

And just for fun...

12 September 2008

Support the Conscience Law

The federal department of Health and Human Services is proposing a regulation that would protect medical providers from being forced to perform abortions against their conscience. Planned Parenthood is attempting to have it blocked by sending in as many comments as possible opposing the regulation. There is a 30-day comment period; you may send your comments supporting the Conscience Law between now and September 25 at: consciencecomment@hhs.gov

A sample comment:
Subject: Conscience Law

Dear HHS Administrators,

I would like to comment on your Regulation Proposed to Help Protect Health Care Providers from Discrimination (http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2008pres/08/2008082reg.pdf).

I support this proposal. Our medical professionals should not have to perform procedures against their conscience. Please protect the freedoms embodied in the First Amendment of our Constitution by enacting this regulation.