10 February 2008

Why McCain Cannot Win This Election

Simply put: the war. The American people overwhelmingly want an end to it; the latest statistics show at least 70% are opposed. Republicans keep saying Ron Paul is an unrealistic choice, but let's wake up: it is McCain who is the unrealistic choice. If it were between McCain and Clinton (or Obama), whom do you think the people would vote for? The majority of Americans are conservative on moral issues; we saw that in the last election. Most people do not like Clinton; but they will vote for her over McCain over one issue: the war. According to this Rolling Stone article, Democrats don't even trust themselves to bring the troops home:
In and around the halls of Congress, the notion that the Democrats made a sincere effort to end the war meets with, at best, derisive laughter. Though few congressional aides would think of saying so on the record, in private many dismiss their party's lame anti-war effort as an absurd dog-and-pony show, a calculated attempt to score political points without ever being serious about bringing the troops home.
If the American people, who put the Democrats in their seats to bring an end to war, are disillusioned, to whom will they turn this next election? Certainly not McCain. The only Republican candidate who reasonably stands a chance against moderately anti-war Clinton and anti-war Obama is truly anti-war Ron Paul; it's naïve to think otherwise. Having shown a principled, consistent record in Congress for 20 years, no one would expect him to flip-flop on the issue.

Instead of continuing to claim the man is unelectable, it's time we recognized the truly unelectable candidate: McCain.