23 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be over, but Mayflower Madness continues...

Sept. 1620
Mayflower at sea

Dear Uncle,

As you know, I am off on this infernal tub, heading to the new world and leaving England for reasons you are well aware of. As you suggested, I accepted the offer made to me by my Lord P and Lady P to act as guide and protector to their group of the faithful. We sailed in company with the Speedwell, but my Lord P's agents did their job and we were able to leave her standing at Dartmouth, thus removing some of these damned separatists....And I am quite sure that for my sins I have been doomed to be cooped up with these heathen hypocrites on this voyage.
My brandy and port are holding out all right and I did get to dance with the delightful Miss de Vannier which makes the voyage worth the trouble. How I'm going to keep this group alive once we land I have no idea, especially if the drink runs out...I will try and keep you abreast of developments. Lady P is at this moment trying to decorate my cabin and hang curtains or some such and is decrying the state of my linen...I don't think she realizes where we are yet, God bless her.

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