22 November 2007

I couldn't stomach the first Elizabeth film (starring Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush), nominated for a ridiculous seven Academy Awards. Neither will I patronize the sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, whose official website, with bland predictability, glorifies her as "Woman, Warrior, Queen." I think her designations more properly summed up by the above photo, which links to the excellent Facebook site created by this individual.

On a related note, Fr. Finigan is openly asking Mel Gibson to direct a film on the life of St. Edmund Campion. I had such an idea nearly two years ago, although with the novel Come Rack! Come Rope!, which contains all the elements to make a riveting film: romance, intrigue, treachery, suffering, heroism (and St. Campion makes a cameo appearance). Mr. Gibson, you must educate ignorant Hollywood on the truth of England's so-called Golden Age.

Update: It seems Icon may already by in the process of producing a film on the great saint.