16 October 2007

Blessed Alan (de la Roche) says that a nun who had always had great devotion to the Holy Rosary appeared after death to one of her sisters in religion and said to her: "If I were allowed to go back into my body, to have the chance of saying just one single Hail Mary--even if I said it quickly and without much fervor--I would gladly go through the sufferings of my last illness all over again, in order to gain the merit of this prayer." (Blessed Alan de la Roche, De Dignitate Psalterii, Chapter LXIX) This is all the more compelling because she had been bedridden and had suffered agonizing pains for several years before she died.
--St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret of the Rosary, pp. 49-50

October is the month of the Holy Rosary.